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29 Apr [Case Study] SEO Success For Shisha Australia

While most of our SEO clients tend to be professional advisers (accountants, financial planners, lawyers, mortgage brokers etc.) we do help other businesses from time-to-time. One of these businesses is Shisha Australia.

Shisha Australia came to us in January looking to improve their online presence. They were getting most of their traffic and sales from social media but wanted to increase their organic search results.

Shisha Australia goals

Shisha Australia's owner, Jano, was frustrated since he was getting results from eBay and other channels, but he couldn't even find his website in the Google results when he searched for related terms like "shisha Australia" and "buy shisha Sydney".

Shisha Australia not on Google


Month 1 Results

Before we reveal results, a disclaimer. Not every SEO campaign generates the same results. Shisha Australia's results will be different from another comparable business - some may outperform, while others will underperform.

In saying that, we were able to increase search engine organic traffic in the first month by 353.66%. As Jano had already previously mentioned, he was barely able to find his website in Google, so his organic traffic was reasonably low. After implementing our first month SEO checklist though, he was able to allow search engines to understand his site better and they rewarded him with more traffic.

Jano was happy enough with those results to kindly provide us with a testimonial.

Shisha Australia Testimonial


Traffic Is Nice... But Did It Help With Business Goals?

A quick Google Analytics screenshot we took back in February will explain that better than words can:

Shisha Australia Goal Completions


From <100 Organic Search Results In A Month To 100+ In A Week

Towards the end of March, which was around 2 months into the SEO campaign, we noticed that weekly organic traffic was really picking up. Keeping in mind that Shisha Australia could barely be found in search engines when we started, they were now getting 100+ visitors to their site in a week.

So, why was the traffic building?

Shisha Australia was now ranked #2 for one of their target keywords. This effectively meant that we were able to help Jano reach his goal of being featured in the top 3 Google results in around 2 months.

That wasn't the only keyword that Jano was happy to be ranking for:

Shisha Australia 2nd

Shisha Australia from 500 to 10

Jano was happy enough with his results that he has even starting other people to us. 

Shisha Australia Good Since SEO


Page 1, Position 1

We have software to continually report of target keyword positions for the keyword selected for the SEO campaign. We report on the whole campaign monthly, with our clients receiving detailed reports within the first three days of the month (1st, 2nd or 3rd... depending on whether the 1st is a Saturday).

Sometimes, our team will randomly check keywords throughout the month. One such time was the 17th of April when we checked one of the target keywords.

Shisha Australia was search result number 1 on page 1 for one of their target keywords.

If you are familiar with SEO, you would know that rankings can fluctuate daily and a quick check of the same keyword sees Shisha Australia sitting at number 2. Still not bad, but with some extra work position 1 will be regained.


The Numbers, Today...

This case study was initially penned on the 29th April 2019, so we thought we'd share some numbers, as they stand today:

  • 655 organic search visitors over the past month (up 76.08% from last month),
  • Organic search now makes up more traffic than any other channel (social media, direct, or referral).
  • Business goal completions are increasing month-on-month
There are still some SEO strategies that are rolling out to Shisha Australia over the coming months, so we expect their rise to continue. 

If you're looking for some help to improve your SEO in Sydney, or for help with SEO in Australia or anywhere else for that matter, get in touch with us. We have standard SEO packages that you can learn more about here, or we can provide a custom SEO campaign if you're looking for more (or less). 

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